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Examples custom shape static cling decals

Custom Sizes & Shapes

Static Cling Decals and Stickers made of .007" white or clear static-adhering stock use no adhesive; static holds the decal firmly in place. Split backing is not recommended.

Static Cling Vinyl has no adhesive, but will cling to all flat, smooth surfaces. Static Cling / Static Stick can be easily removed and reapplied without any negative affect to the decal itself. It is recommended only for indoor use and can be used on the inside of windows.


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Custom Size Static Cling Decals

The photo image shown above is No. 683 custom size face adhesive decal with optional white flood coat. All Static Cling Decals that will be placed on the inside of the window and is to be viewed from the out side must be printed on clear vinyl.

White is a color on transparent decals. It is highly recommended that any ink on transparent material should be backed with white. We can flood the back with white as shown in the sample above or just the back of the art.

White is priced as an additional color. The Sample shown would be priced as three colors. Black, Red and White. When using the pricing chart, it would be two additional colors.

Custom Shape Die-Cut Stickers

The use of static cling decals is great for temporary sales and seasonal sales. They can easily be removed and placed in different areas to draw attention to your sale or promotion.

Our custom shape die-cut stickers can be put up on windows or other flat smooth surfaces for the Christmas season or other holidays and then be removed and stored until the next year for the same seasonal message

If your store front windows have a dark tint to them, we do not recommend static cling decals to be placed on the inside and be viewed on the outside. The ideal product would be vinyl decals with light adhesive and place on the outside of the window. Our vinyl decals are screen printed with UV inks and hold up very well in the sun.