how to apply double sided static cling window stickers
Examples of text for double sided custom printed static cling stickers


When used on glass or clear plastic surfaces, these double sided static cling stickers printed .007 inch white or clear static material and are adhesive free and will hold themselves firmly to the surface..

We can manufacture your stickers to be double sided and have different text or graphics on the front and back sides. An example of a custom double sided static cling would be to have your company logo and the words "Push to OPEN" on one side and a company logo and the words "Thanks for Shopping" on the other side. This example would be for a glass retail or business doors.


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Bill was easy to work with, responsive, committed and the finished product (corporate window stickers) looks amazing! 10/10 would recommend them. Thank you!

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Double Sided Window Clings is a supplier of high quality screen and full color printed double sided static cling stickers. Our company only uses high quality UV inks so your custom printed stickers will not fade and will always look awesome while maintaining there vibrant colors. Static cling vinyl can be easily removed and reapplied without any negative affect to the sticker itself.

It is recommended only for indoor use and can be used on the inside of windows. Split backing is not recommended. Our company, - is one of the leading custom sticker companies offering high quality screen printed static cling stickers. Our products are competitively priced and we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Custom Static Cling Store Windows Stickers

We have a number of ways that we design and produce our custom double sided static cling window stickers for store windows, cooler doors, freezer doors, glass business and office doors. We offer a white static material that can be only one sided and the static would be on the back. The other material that we use is the clear material that is used for one or two double sided clings. Any time that you want to place a double sided sticker on one side of the glass and to be read from the other side, clear would have to be used. There is no price difference between the clear or white static materials.

When ordering our static cling products with different copy on front and back, always remember that static cling is only static on one side, therefore we need to know which side is to be the adhering side.

Always request a sample before ordering. Requesting a sample will help you decide if this is the best product for your project. Just visit our Contact Us page and click on Samples.